About Us

IUPS Virtual Campus is responsible and accountable for the Service delivery to IUPS E-learning students. D& E works with programs and faculties throughout the IUPS to facilitate interactive web learning through powerful web portal.

Through this department IUPS will offer you the opportunity to study at your own place and at your own convenience from the comfort of your home. We aim to break all barriers to traditional learning by offering flexible learning and providing comprehensive student learner support systems.

D& E provides assistance , program development, expertise in curriculum, instructional methods, and assessment as well as with technology enhanced learning methodologies to provide optimal educational opportunities for our students and professionals around the globe.

University vision
To be a technology and market driven innovative world class Enterprise University.

Distance learning center vision
“To be the leading University in technology mediated open and distance learning.”

Distance Learning Center Mission
To provide accessible, flexible, timely, interactive, quality affordable technology mediated open and distance learning. .