School of Business Courses


Degree Courses

» Bachelor of Commerce(BCOM)
» Bachelor of Procurement(BOP)
» Bachelor of Management and Office Administration (BMOA)

Diploma Courses

» Diploma in Business And Office Management (DBOM)
» Diploma in Management (DIM)
» Diploma in marketing(DMkt)
» Diploma in Procurement(DoP)

Certificate Courses

» Certificate in Management (CIM)


Degree courses

» Mean Grade of C+

Diploma courses

» Mean Grade of C

Certificates courses

» Mean Grade of D+


» Certificate Courses: Kshs.4000 per subject, with a maximum of 6 subjects.
» Diploma Courses: Kshs.5700 per subject, with a maximum of 15 units.
» Degree Courses: Kshs.5800 per subject, with a maximum of 60 subjects (with exemptions for Diploma holders).