How do I receive and hand in assignments and cats?

All assignments and cats will be available in your online portal. Each week's assessments and assignments are clearly organized in the portal on weekly outline. You can view all assignments, due dates to help you plan. You can view and print assignments, discuss them with your learning colleagues, and ask for feedback from your instructor. The portal also allows you to submit your assignments.


When you have logged in and enrolled for a course to do, click on the course, then weekly outline opens, then click assignment, cat or assessment of your choice

How and when do I register and enroll for online courses?

Registration for online courses are done all round the year, where by one is required to visit D&E department physically and undertake the registration or contact D&E department through elearning@iu.ac.ke or call +254 706 583 063 for more information.

Will I receive lecturer support?

Every online student will be entitled to lecturer support through emails, discussion forums, chats, messages whereby students will be able to discuss with their lecturers.

How do I log in?

  • Go to www.iu.ac.ke
  • Click on the virtual campus
  • Go to the login dialog box
  • Enter username and Password
  • Click login button
  • My courses page appears

How to retrieve a forgotten/lost password?

  • Make sure you are on the login page which is http://elearning.ac.ke
  • Go to the login dialog box
  • Click lost password link
  • Forgotten dialog box opens
  • Supply username
  • Email address
  • Then click on OK button and password will be resent to your email account.

How do people interact in online courses?

Chats/forums and messages

On the online users, click on the person you would like to talk to; then the person description profile dialog appears. Then click sent message and chat dialog box appears, the write the message and sent.

Receive message

On your message you will see a incoming contact, click on it and view the message.

How can I find resources and other materials?

  • There are three types of contents displayed on the moodle; flash based content, web based and pdf formats.
  • To access flash based content, when on my courses, click the course you want to access, then weekly outline for that course appears. Open the content with this icon image .then click “Enter button on the portal” to open the content and wait for the content to load. NB: this kind of content opens on new tab or new window on some browsers.
  • To access web based content, when on my courses, click the course you want to access, then weekly outline for that course appears. Open the content with this icon image .then wait for content open on the web page.

What is enrolment key?

A course enrolment or enrollment key is a code supplied to you after registration to facilitate one access notes. more information on enrollment key will be provided upon registration.

How can I print my content?

There are three ways you can print content from the portal:

  • Open pdf document found from weekly outline of your course by clicking the document with this img icon. Once open click print icon on the pdf document and print
  • Open flash based content with this type of icon img on weekly outline page ,then after launching the activity /opening then on top tabs click on attachments .Then the attached document is downloaded and opens . Click print icon on the opened document.
  • The other means is highlighting you content on web page then Copy and paste to the word document. From Microsoft word Click file then print.

How to I undertake my exams

The exams are undertaken physically at Inoorero centre for more information on exams conduct D&E department.